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Chile is located in the southern most part of South America. It is bordered by Argentina, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean. Chile has an estimated 15,980,912 people now living in this country. The majority of this number is made up of white and white-Amerindian At 95% of the population. At 3% is Amerindian and the rest of the population is dispersed. There are two major religions in Chile. The larger of the two is Roman Catholic which consists of about 89% of the population. The remainder 11% is made up of the people that are Protestant. A very surprising statistic is the amount of the population that can read. As of the year 2003, over 96% of the population was literate. The statistic is taken off of the amount of the population 15 and over that can read and write.

Chile has a republic government and claimed its independence on September 18, 1810.

According to, "Chile is in the process of completely overhauling its criminal justice system; a new, US-style adversarial system is being gradually implemented throughout the country, and the final stage of implementation is the Santiago metropolitan region began in June 2005." The government of Chile has a steady budget. According to a 2005 estimate, its revenues included just over $29 billion and its expenditures were $24.75 billion. Of this figure, $3.33 billion included capital expenditures. On the other hand, at the end of October of 2005, Chile had an estimated external debt of $44.8 billion.

Despite Chile's overwhelming amount of debt, a large amount of imports and exports are helping in decreasing this number every year. According to the latest 2005 estimate, Chile exports more than $38 billion f.o.b. Their exports include items such as copper, fish, fruits, paper, pulp, and chemicals. On the other...