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After several considerations, I have selected an article named, "Effects of critical care nurses' work hours on vigilance and patients' safety," from the American Journal of Critical Care. In this paper, I will distinguish the following four fundamental points of this research article: the business research and its purpose, business problem under investigation, the parties involved in conducting the research, and the method used to conduct the research project.

An estimated 5 million patients are admitted into the critical care units every year, and unlike other patients, these patients are seriously ill and rely deeply on the healthcare professional's abilities in order to continue their survival. Therefore, as the authors of the research article stated, "critical-care nurses must be alert to subtle changes in patients' condition, perform accurate clinical assessment, and respond in an expedient matter." The smallest mistake or error could result in endangering a patients' life. Consequently, mistakes do happen, and these mistakes may be due to numerous contributing factors that are avoidable.

The objective of this research is to explain the work outline of critical care nurses, to establish if a connection exists between the occurrence of errors and hours worked by the nurses, and look into if these work hours have adverse effects on the nurses' care.

The American Journal of Critical Care has decided to examine the effect of critical care nurses' work hours on patients' safety and care. While there have been several other studies that were done on hospital staff nurses, none of those studies included applicable data that emulate critical care nurses. For example, what is indefinite is if hospital staff nurses' work schedules are similar to critical care nurses. Another setback is that the information that was found on the length of shift worked and the relationship between shift duration and...