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Hinduism Today "Tragedy in Nepal: Royal Family Massacred" Author not listed Sept/Oct 2001 This article, "Tragedy in Nepal: Royal Family Massacred" is about how King Birenda's son Dipendra killed his whole family, excluding his younger brother Gyanendra.

Dipendra allegedly killed his family due to a fight between him and the King and Queen over who he planned to marry.

King Birenda was thought very highly of in Nepal and other countries as well. He was even named an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. After his death, many showed their love for the monarchy with signs or banners, and they yelled "our country and the King are dearer than our lives," along with other praise. India went as far as to plan a three day grieving period in honor of the late King Birenda.

Although a murderer, Prince Dipendra was named the new king of Nepal. He was the eldest son of King Birenda, so it was his duty to become king when his father passed.

When he was announced as the king, Dipendra was in a coma. A law stated that the king could not be in any way criticized, so King Dipendra wasn't even convicted of homicide.

His killings were named an "accidental shooting." King Dipendra ended up dying not long after, and a new king was crowned, King Gyanendra. Not many people cheered for this new king, which wasn't surprising as they were still shocked over King Birenda's demise.

To show that they were still terribly upset over King Birenda, thousands shaved their heads, which is a Hindu symbol of mourning and sadness. Some females even had their heads shaved, because maybe said that the King and Queen were like parents to them.

I think that "Tragedy in Nepal: Royal Family Massacred" is definitely an article worth...