Curricula Development

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Curricula: The amorphous product of generations of tinkering

(Taba, 1962, p8)

A curriculum must be comprehensive without being restrictive; it must provide examples and allow for flexibility and it must establish the broad parameters in which teachers/facilitators apply their professional knowledge and judgement.

The development of training is a crucial aspect in the efficiency and productivity of any teaching and learning organisation. Those responsible for training syllabuses should possess a vision to develop the curriculum to make it increasingly interesting, demanding and progressive whilst maintaining the aims and training objectives, and ultimately the overall ethos of the curriculum.

The military environment is no different to that of the education environment with regards to the process of curriculum development; change in both institutions should be expected. Changes are required to reflect movements in society, equal opportunities, technological and multi-cultural aspects in this ever changing world. An example of this is;

In 1974 the Manpower Services Commission was created to correct what was seen as a mismatch between the qualities and skills displayed by school leavers and the needs of employers.

(Kelly, 1989, p164)

The teaching and training management organisation within the Royal Navy is called FLEET. It also has a similar function to MSC. It is charged with reacting constructively, clearly and concisely towards the results of training evaluation at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) within its overall responsibility for the Royal Marines Commando Chefs' Course (RMCCC) training at HMS Raleigh. Although the management of the RMCCC is at FLEET and CTCRM it must be said that a great deal of advice is taken from the Royal Navy Instructors within the Royal Navy Cookery School. The instructors are a key element in the liaison of the hospitality and catering NVQ standards and the requirements of the FLEET organisation.

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