Is the Customer always right

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Is the Customer Always Right? 1

Is the Customer Always Right?

Discovering the true implications of the saying "The Customer is always rightThe Customer is Always Right" and the impact it has to businesses.

Scott Curwood

Is the Customer Always Right?

"The Customer is Always RightThe Customer is Always Right" has been around for almost 105 years (Kjeruf, 2008). While it was first uttered as a marketing slogan to show customers that a retail store put their customer satisfactions before all else, it was discovered in as early as 1915 that customers could use the saying to take advantage of a business. Research suggests that "The Customer is always rightThe Customer is Always Right" is wrong because it creates negative customer service issues, causes staff to be unsatisfied with their jobs, and customers become disenfranchised with your business. This paper will analyze each of these areas and discuss what businesses can do to correct these issues and still provide exceptional customer service.

"The Customer is always rightThe Customer is Always Right" causes negative customer services issues by forcing your staff to make exceptions to your established business procedures and gives the customer a false sense of control. Let's create an example we might witness at your local department store. It's a few days after Christmas and a woman comes into the department store to exchange a shirt that was given to her as a gift over the holidays and she would like to return it. The reason for the return doesn't matter, let's focus more on that it was a gift and we will assume she doesn't have a gift receipt. From my retail experience, this woman is entering the store already upset because she has no receipt. She subconsciously...