Customer value for B2C

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Executive Summary

There is no accurate and certain answer to define customer value and how much a customer worth is. This report will discuss this issue in detail.

The report is mainly divided into four parts. Part one gives different definitions and viewpoints of customer value from different authors, practitioners and consultants. These definitions are presented in different situations. Part two present several methods to measure customer value. Part three explains the suitable definition, measurement for business to consumer. In addition, the way how to create and deliver customer value in the consumer marketplace will be recommended. Part four includes conclusions and recommendations for the report and for the B2C.

This report aims to give suitable definitions and measurements for the SBU ---- B2C. From the report, it shows that different persons consider customer value in various ways, so there are different measurements. In this situation, when a company does a business, it must clearly understand customer value in its portfolio, in order to achieve business successfully.


1.1The report has been prepared to define and measure customer value and, to offer

methods to create and deliver it effectively. The report has been required by a holding company and prepared by a marketing consultant.

1.2 The repot is intended to help the company understand what customer value is and how it can be measured, created and delivered valuably.

1.3 For business to consumers, it is kind of relationship in the consumer market. Nowadays, it is frequently used in the e-commerce. Indeed, the issue has been studied by many companies according to their CEO or director in three industries, like Steve Hawco, Chris McCann and Laura Katz (Santorelli).

1.4 The repot mainly includes four parts. The first part talks about the different definitions. The second part deals with the various...