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On the Amper River , about 11 miles northwest of Munich , a small

German town by the name of Dachau is found. In this town , there are paper

mills , printing shops , breweries , textile mills , and one concentration camp.

In March of 1933 , this camp was used as a training center for Nazi

soldiers. Quickly this training area was transformed into a Nazi concentration

camp. It was to hold and eliminate all political opposition. Dachau was a

model for camps such as Auschwitz , Majdanek , and Treblinka.

The prisoners of Dachau were of all nationalities. They lived in long ,

narrow barracks which had bunk beds , to accommodate the large numbers of

prisoners. They wore lightweight jumpsuits , with thin boots. This clothing

was very inadequate for the cold temperatures of the area.

As the Nazi forces advanced , more prisoners were sent to all the

camps. Overcrowding in Dachau forced the commanders of the camp to

enlarge the area. This was accomplished by slave labor. This was not enough

to hold all the prisoners taken. Something had to be done.

Extermination was the answer to the mass amount of captives. In

Dachau , many people died of hunger and illness , some were lost to the

freezing temperatures , but most died of arbitrary killings and mass

extermination. Dachau had a gas chamber and rifle range for the mass

executions. After being shot or gassed , you were cremated in the large

crematorium. The registered number of deaths in Dachau was 31,951.

However , the total number of deaths will never be known on account of the

last minute executions.

On April 29, 1945 , the dreams of all Dachau...