Daily life in Egypt

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Over 5000 years ago ancient Egypt was a powerful

Empire. Their daily Life was very important to the

Ancient Egyptians civilization. Ancient Egyptians

Buried the pharaoh's in the pyramids. The Nile river

Was important to ancient Egyptians because it provided

A lot of help for the ancient Egyptians. Scribes were very

Important people in their society. Those different parts of

Their daily helped to create Egypt into a highly advanced



A pharaoh was all powerful ruler (document3).

The pharaoh's were very important because they

were like worshiped as gods. The pharaoh's were

buried in pyramids when they died. Pyramids provided

an eternal resting place for the pharaoh where all could

worship him.

Nile River

The Nile river was very important to the ancient

Egyptians. The people of Ancient Egypt depended

on the Nile for survival.(document 1). The Nile was

Used for transportation for the ancient Egyptians

The Nile helped the ancient Egyptians for trade.


Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics, a system

of writing, to help communication in their daily

life. Scribes were the only people in ancient Egypt

who knew how to write in hieroglyphics. The

ancient Egyptians used papyrus paper for recorded

keeping and communication (Document2).

Hieroglyphics was written on papyrus.

The daily life activities of ancient Egypt

Were very important to their civilization the pharaoh's,

Nile River, papyrus and hieroglyphics were all had a large

Effect on their daily life. All of these factors helped to make Egypt the

Powerful empire it became