Darrel Curtis         I’m doing my report on Darry because I

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Darrel Curtis I'm doing my report on Darry because I think that the hard work he's done to keep Pony-boy and Sodapop together and the gang together is more then any twenty-year old should have to do. I also think that it's a lot harder from him to give up all the things he loves to support his brothers and keep them out of too much trouble.

Darry is a handsome man; he has his father's looks and his mother's feelings. He's six-feet-two, broad shouldered and muscular and looks way older then twenty. His hair is dark brown and kicks out in the front and has a slight cowlick in the back. His eyes are like two pieces of pale blue-green ice and they've got a determined set to them, like the rest of him. He'd be real handsome if his eyes weren't so cold. He's hard, firm, and rarely ever grins or shows emotion.

He looks the same as his father and some have even confused them for each other.

He's tough, cool, and smart he doesn't understand anything unless it's plain hard fact. He always uses his head unlike his youngest brother Pony-boy. He doesn't want Pony-boy and Soda getting into trouble with the fuzz (police). He works way to much for his age, and has everyone depending on him. That's not easy for some one who's gone through a lot with his parent's dying and leaving him to raise his two brothers and a gang that act just like brothers.

His worst fears would have to be getting separated from his to brothers and losing anyone he loves and cares for again. He also hopes that his brothers will make something of themselves, and that he'll be able to go back to school and be on the...