The date of death

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Acute concern crept across Melissa's and John's faces as they watched the screen from outside the Retrovision store window. 'Police are still baffled as the death toll rises now to nine about the identity of the serial killer who still stalks the streets of Brisbane always using a small knife to slay his victims' cheerfully reported the annoying news reader.

' Police warn all females between the ages of fifteen to nineteen to lock up securely.'

Concern turned to anxiety as Melissa thought of her seventeenth birthday scarcely a week ago. The young couple continued their way to the restaurant on their first date with only one topic of conversation. ' Scary isn't it?' said Melissa, clearly disturbed.

' I reckon. That guy must be one sick puppy eh?' John replied. Melissa answered with a soft grunt as they stepped into the tacky eatery.

Melissa's long, flowing, golden hair fell from behind her ear where she had so carefully placed it moments before and hurriedly did so again.

Her beautiful teenager's face was buried beneath layer upon layer of make up. She was wearing her most expensive dress which she saved for the most special of occasions. She considered this one of those occasions as she didn't want to take the risk of going on a blind date dressed badly if in the off chance her date looked like Brad Pitt. Her hunch had been right this time. Johnothan R. Frakes was a real catch for a girl. Tall, big shoulders, blond hair and deep blue eyes and most importantly thought Melissa, he had a dress sense. John also thought he had hit the jackpot on this blind date. He watched her slim body sit down at the table and knew this was going to...