A Day in the Life of.

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A Day in the Life of

Mary, the servant, enters the lady's room quietly and discreetly, trying her best to not wake her. Tiptoeing along the wooden floor, carrying a five-course breakfast on a silver platter. Her mind off elsewhere, dreaming of another life, she accidentally trips over a nail erected from the floor and falls with a great thud, loud enough that it is heard on the bottom floor of the mansion by the rest of servants. Aghast, her heart starts pumping, blood rushing to her veins, sweat pouring off her, she lifts her head to see the lady awake, and not very happy indeed.

"Mary! What on earth do you think you're doing on the floor? Pick yourself up at once! What do you think we are paying you for?"

Mary picks herself up, apologizing a million times for her clumsiness, assuring her lady it will not happen again.

The lady asks for her to cook her another breakfast promptly. She does not like to be hungry. Everyone knows that.

She can see her target ahead of her. With perfect precision and timing she creeps up slowly, aware that the slightest mistake, be it a step taken a few centimeters too far forward, or a unstoppable sneeze from developing, or a breath breathed too loudly will cost her her food for the day. The lady ahead is holding the bread roll in her left hand, unaware of what is about to eventuate. Her body a few lengths in front of her, she leaps forward and snatches the bread. Quickly she turns to run away, darting through the streets as fast as her small body allows her to. In the background she hears the woman scream, but she does not care. Feelings of sympathy have vanished from her...