Dealing with Injustice

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Historically people created different religions, nationalities, languages, cultures, believes, idols, communities to distinguish themselves from other group of people. Certainly, people can also be divided into different groups, among which are black and white, male and female, short and tall, hairy and bold, one type of blood or other. Yes, there are differences in our appearances, behavior, and culture, but people have more in common than any other living creatures. People are the most intelligent creatures living on the surface of the earth. They have built computers, airplanes, automobiles, and rockets. But people do not always behave like the most intelligent living creatures. It is not unusual to hear how people kill each other because of hate of one's religion, race, or culture. Although people have more commonalities than differences and are the most intelligent living creatures, it is a great tragedy that they create many kinds of injustice, show disrespect toward each other and impose one group's "superiority" on another one.

Racial injustice is perhaps one of the often used in the history of human beings. There were times when blacks could not use the same buses as white people and attend the same school as white people. White people also had many slaves who were black. White race also was considered a superior group than all other races. In the story "Elithia" written by Walker, a rich man placed a dummy of a black man, Uncle Albert, on the display of his restaurant. Walker illustrates, "A small brown dummy of waxen skin and glittery black eyes. His lips were intensely smiling and his false teeth shone. He carried a covered tray in one hand, raised level with his shoulder, and over his other arm was draped a white napkin (Walker, page 28)." By placing a black man in...