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Imagine being accused of a horrible crime, being taken to court for it, and then be charged with the death penalty. The worst part, you didn’t commit the crime, but you’re the only one who knows it. Imagine just sitting, waiting for your time to be executed. There is nothing you can say or do to free you of this situation. You’re stuck. Even the FBI makes mistakes sometimes, horrible mistakes, mistakes that cost people their lives. In the case of a Timothy McVeigh, who was accused of an Oklahoma building bombing and was charged with the death penalty, shortly before he was to be executed more information turned up about the bombing. Even though this didn’t prove him innocent it does prove that the FBI over looks information sometimes. Now, what if this wasn’t the first time this happened? What if there has been more information overlooked in the past, only that information proved a person innocent? What if innocent people have died for something they never did? I believe the death penalty should be abolished for three main reasons: it’s cruel and barbaric way of punishment, there is a possibility of wrongful execution, and constitutionality.

Death penalty is a cruel and barbaric method of punishment. To extinguish a person’s life is cruel no matter what way it is administered. Many states believe it is ok to execute someone since they have upgraded from the traditional electric chair to the more modern gas chamber. Any way of executing someone is barbaric. If every crime’s punishment was “tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye’” what would happen to society? Would the same people that support the death penalty, support getting their hand chopped off for shop-lifting?Another major reason for opposing the death penalty is the possibility of a...