Death Of A Salesman

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Happy and Biff are two brothers in Death of A Salesman. Being brothers is probably the only similarities, which both characters contain. Happy and Biff can be compared to such things as day and night, land and sky. Both characters act in almost total opposite ways when in the same situation. When it comes to their father, society and the perspective they have on life, Happy and Biff differ most.

Biff and Happy have always been very respectful to their father. They both shared the same values and outlook on things and also saw their father in the same light, being a great salesman who had many friends and contacts. As both Happy and Biff grew older and began to change so did the way they felt about their father. As a child Biff was always the one in the spotlight, he was always looked more upon as the ideal son.

Happy was always seeking the attention that Biff gained from his parents and friends. He would try to tell his father something when Willy would be focused on Biffs football game by saying such things as " Look pop I lost weight, u notice pop"�. As Happy and Biff grew older the more the respect and admiration they had for their father would decrease. Biff would began to get into arguments with Willy, which would never be resolved, but even though they would fight Biff would try to help his father. Happy on the other hand saw Willy as an embarrassment the more he got sick, the more of a hypocrite Happy became. Saying he cares for his father but when given the chance to help he would turn his back. E.g. When the women they meet ask him if he is going to get his father he...