"Death Watch" by Robb White

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Deathwatch: A Struggle for Life or Death

The book "Deathwatch", is written by Robb White. The story is about a man named Ben who's in the Mojave desert without clothes, food, or water and hunted by a madman named Madec who has a .358 magnum. Ben was being hunted in the Mojave desert because Madec had offered Ben money to take him around the desert looking for bighorn sheep. Madec by accident shot an old prospector, so Ben wanted to take the body to the sheriff, but Madec just wanted to bury him because Madec thought it would be a hassle for him, so the hunt began. Ben must battle for his life against Madec, the harsh nature of the desert, and fight psychologically against himself.

Ben must outwit this smart guy in Ben's home terrain. There are so many things going against Ben "Madec was kneeling in the back of the Jeep, the hornet lying across the canvas top"(59).

The way Madec sits there everything so easily set up perfectly for him. He has a perfect story to get Ben in trouble if he ever makes it to town, and even if he tried to make it to town Madec would shoot Ben without moving at all. Madec could just sit back and watch Ben die "if Madec was watching Ben would have been a pitiful thing to see; a naked man running in the moonlight across a savage waste of

desert"(80). Once again it goes to show how Madec can just sit back and watch Ben Battle for his life. Ben trying so hard to fight for his life but in the end he knows he has no chance. Whenever Ben had been in the desert before the desert had been his home everything about...