Decision in Paradise

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In the meeting Nik used many resources from fire department, hospitals/clinics and the government. Below are the steps on how all the information was discussed with the people of the communityStep 1 Fire and FloodsPart 1Prevent Fires Caused by CookingPrevent Fires Caused by HeatingPrevent Fires Caused by SmokingPrevent Fires Caused by CandlesPrevent Fires Caused by Gasoline and Other ProductsKeep Your Family Safe At Home (Home Safety Council, 2006)Part 2Flood prevention:During a flash floodDuring a floodAfter a flood (Natural Disasters, 2003)Step 2 HIV/AIDSNik knew that talking about HIV/AIDS was a hard thing to do because most people do not care to hear about that subject. There are two reasons why Nik thought that people did not care to hear about this subject. If a person knows that they do not have HIV/AIDS, then they do not want to hear about it. If a person finds out that they have HIV/AIDS, they become scared and in some cases that person may not know who they could talk to.

Once they do talk to that person they do not want to be treated differently. After giving the negative side of it, there are also two reasons why a person would want to hear about HIV/AIDS. If a person knows that they have the disease then that person can found out the steps for treatment. Secondly, the person might have known someone that was dealing with the situation so they just wanted to have the knowledge. Even after Nik formed her opinions she then went into the community and got some input, by holding seminars and having demonstrations. Nik also handed out helpful information on the subject as well.

Step 3 Avian Flu How is avian influenza detected in humans?Avian influenza cannot be diagnosed by symptoms alone, so a laboratory test is...