Decisions in Paradise

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Well when I first arrived in Kava the mess was a big problem for me to deal with and to have a good business atmosphere you need to have some organization. So the first project I would like to do is get the area around the office cleaned up and some of Kava. By doing this I would hope to get to know some of the employees and people in the area to understand them better. Get the local, state, and national levels of governmental service including the military to help organize the areas in Kava that need the most help and cleaning. Community based organizations along with the faith-based groups help the local people in Kava out with any needs they might need when cleaning from the disasters. Businesses from around Kava to help out other companies along with our office in supplying certain materials the business might need.

By doing this for all businesses the companies can trust from one and other.

The next thing I would like to do is straighten out the office and have more help with in the office. Secatary and human resource personal. Getting the employees involved in the company and informed about the changes and their input would be greatly appreciated. Considering the employees are from around the area and understand more of the needs and demands of people in the area and the wide spread of different religion and ethnics can help determine what would help understand what other parts of the world would benefit from and gain from. Some of the challenges are over 50% of the employees are under the age of 15 years of age. Need to work on getting older employees employed at the company. And find out if there are any laws for underage employment like...