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Decision-Making Model Analysis

This was an extremely interesting assignment because I have never thought about my decision-making processes. As I researched, I have found that there are many different models to choose from in order to achieve resolution regarding your final answer. I have read about the rational model, which is supposed to be a scientific approach to decision-making; in which the decision views the process as essentially orderly and rational. A problem is defined and isolated, information is gathered, alternatives identified, and an end is established. I have read about a garbage can model, which describes decision-making processes in organizations, which are characterized by ambiguity or where objectives are ill defined or inconsistent for individual decision makers.

Over all, this is just a sampling of the many different decision-making styles. There were two that I have found to be particularly interesting. They are the consensus decision-making model and the methods of chance.

Each style is unique in its own manner and, yet, I believe that I have employed both in a recent dilemma with one of my staff. I think that the consensus style basically refers to a situation wherein everyone is involved, and then after a mutual give and take reaches a compromise. If one uses a consensus decision-making model, then no one will feel personally challenged or left out because we all came to the same conclusion.

I had a staff member named Felicia who has been with the company for about 12 years. She is an excellent employee in terms of her production and the quality of her work. However, there is a big issue with other employees and myself because of Felicia's mouth. People would complain to me about her attitude. I would say attitude is a mindset; what is it specifically that Felicia is...