Organizational Behavior

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Final Organizational Analysis Paper PURPOSE STATEMENT INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIZATION MACRO LEVEL: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE AND DESIGN ØOrganizational Structure And Design (Departmental bases, span-of-control, management approaches) The purpose of Webvan is to provide customer's an alternative to purchasing groceries the conventional way. Webvan's mission is to provide exceptional customer service and quality to it's customers. Their goal is to provide service to every major city within the coming years. They would also like to carry more products including electronics. Webvan is also looking at increasing the time frame in which a customer receives their products ordered. Their vision is to get out of their economic slump and to turn a profit in the next quarter to prevent economic hardship.

Webvan's characteristics are mainly associated with the Organic structure. Webvan has warehouses in California, Illinois, Washington, and Oregon. There are two call centers, in Las Vegas and California. There is one corporate office that is located in Northern California near San Fransisco.

The company is designed to have customers purchase products only online. Once the customer orders the products, the order goes into a Network computer system and into a fullfillment center where the order is received and filled. The warehouse employees receive the order and shop for the products. Once the products are picked, they are placed into large tubs and placed on a delivery truck. Deliveries are performed in thirty minute windows by Webvan's delivery drivers. If there are questions or problems with their order customer's call customer service, which are located in the call centers, to resolve the issues. Customer service representatives speak to customers via telephone and via email. The company is structured in several different parts. The warehouses are comprised of Warehouse supervisors, warehouse general workers, and delivery drivers. The call center has two call center managers, a...