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``He who ask the question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever``Chinese ProverbIntroductionFirstly, I will try to introduce you with the phrase industrial relations and its history. In the relations between parties in the organization we need to look closely at the trade unions, its development, empowerment and recognition. Concept of industrial relations in the past in Ireland is relatively analogous to the Britain.

Workmen`s organizations existed even before the Industrial Revolution but the majority of them were of a temporary nature. In the book Industrial Relations, Study in Conflict (by Bruce M Cooper & A F Bartlett, Heinemann Ltd, 1976), stated that in Britain, near the end of the seventeenth century there began to operate certain combinations of workmen for the purposes of mutual insurance against sickness, old age and death. Later, they became known as Friendly Societies and spread rapidly during the eighteenth century.

They held regular meetings, at which dues were collected in a box. Therefore it became known as `Box Meetings`. After, they received legal protection under Friendly Societies Act, 1793. However, initially those combinations were seemed as being unlawful and in the eighteenth century anyone found of being member of Trade Unions must be imprisoned up to six months, whipped in public and released only after promising good behavior for seven years. Unions were divided under the similar profession and in Ireland, first Trade Union were registered in 1764 and named as Regular Carpenters of Dublin.

Irishman called John Doherty tried to establish a `general union`. Having worked among cotton spinners in the Manchester area he summoned a conference at the Isle of Man in December, 1829. The establishment of a `Grand General Union of The Operative Spinners of Great Britain and Ireland` was a...