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Marketing Management is the analysis, planning, organization, implementation and control of the marketing activities of the firm.

Marketing is the process of planning, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services that satisfy consumers as well as business-type bodies. From the above mentioned criteria about such activity will oblige firms to reduce the price of the product, their volume of sales increase since customers will buy products at an affordable price thus product efficiency is still improved. Marketing today is not a function; it is a way of doing business. This proves that the marketing process is about satisfying the needs and wants of customers

Marketing has to pass through everyone's job in an organizational firm, from the low payed- labours to the owners of the firm. This business function is not to fool the customer nor to give a bad image of the company but to promote and to focus on the customer to achieve his/her demand.

An important aspect of marketing is that it is dynamic and not static. Organizations, whether for profit or non-profit, must adapt their marketing skills to change both internal and external environmental factors Those firms that remain focusing on one idea about marketing are prone to failure, most especially when there are very high competitive environments such as; global markets and e-business. We can say that marketing is being constantly changing from time to time. It is as if a new lifestyle of marketing is being created with new generations.

Communications in marketing is an essential tool in order to reach out for the customers and by doing so the relationship bond between the two leads to an interest in emphasizing dialogues and creating advertising campaigns that facilitate various types of dialogues to the targeted customers. Of course technology continues to have,