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IntroductionMarketing is a very important function for any organization that decides to have a successful business. Improper marketing tactics can be catastrophic for any business that needs growth in order to maintain a successful future. A successful business will ensure that they are financing the marketing department appropriately in order to keep up with the growing markets today. Organizations today have a great deal of competition to deal with and in order to be successful they need a good marketing pitch to get them through the other competitors out there. This paper will include several definitions of marketing. In additions, there will be an explanation of those definitions stated about the importance of marketing for a successful business. Lastly, there will be three specific examples of companies from the business world to support our explanation.

Personal Definition of MarketingThe meaning of marketing that comes to my mind would be involved with many factors that some successful organizations maintain.

The definition of marketing would include advertising and organizing new ideas that would help promote products or services for a company. To elaborate on what this type of marketing would mean for a company is developing a new product packaging image, advertising a new catchy commercial on television or radio, advertising in the newspaper or magazines, or developing a sales pitch on a coupon to save money on a service or product in order to entice consumers to buy the product or service the company offers. All these marketing techniques are examples of how we picture marketing in our minds. Besides, all those examples of how marketing should work for a company, we also have to acknowledge other types of marketing methods. The analysts' that provide reports back to the company that offer specific data helps the company understand what consumers enjoy...