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The definition of "art" according to Webster's Dictionary, art is the use of imagination to make things of aesthetic significance, but I believe it has many different meanings to different people. I think you cannot just slap a definition on it. Art to me is something that expresses current or past feeling. It can tell a story even without words.

People are different from one another as mediums in an art studio. Some like the works of Picasso, while others see scribble. Interpretation, in my opinion plays a key role in art. How the reviewers interpret it, how the artist interprets his or her thought and transcribes it to a piece of art.

Art to me expresses something. I think art can be in a form of a written story as well as an illustration. Music is definitely something that expresses and is art in my opinion. An example of expression, a man crying in a wartime painting would obviously show that he is sad, but another person might interpret the man's feeling in a different way.

Such as, tears of joy.

Many forms of art can tell stories. A painting can show how a woman lived her life, how a man felt about his wife. I chose paintings because they can say so much without even speaking. I have seen some art where it leaves you with a small portion of knowledge on the subject and just makes you think. Helping you create your own little story or thought in your mind.

That is what I think of art. I always thought there was something to gain, information in a way, like a story. I try to capture the expression given off from the work, to place myself there in the art or around the time when...