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Dell Incorporated

Three-year Strategic Plan

Ethical Approach

Janell K. Alston



Dell Inc: Three-Year Strategic Plan

Janell Alston

Gwynedd-Mercy College

Bus 512: Strategic Planning

Instructor: Kirk S. Keseric

Due Date: October 25, 2010

Company Profile: Dell Inc

Description: What is Dell Inc?


Core Elements & Code of Conduct

Business Ethics/Strategy

Products & Services


Ethical Umbrella

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Accountability

Corporate Governance

Environmental Responsibility

Financial Highlights

Comparing 2010 to 2009

Comparing 2009 to 2008

S.W.O.T. Analysis




Dell Inc. is one of the largest computer manufactures in the world and they have grown tremendously over the years. They were founded in 1984 in Austin, Texas, by Michael S. Dell. This company was originated with an unprecedented idea - by selling computer systems directly to customers, we could best understand their needs and efficiently provide the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs. Their evolving business strategy combines their revolutionary direct customer model with new distribution channels to reach commercial customers and individual consumers around the world.

Michael S. Dell is one of the longest-tenured executives to lead a company in the computer industry. This company builds every one of their systems to order and offer customers a powerful, richly-configured system at a competitive price. Dell's Direct Model business approach is largely responsible for the success of the company, it provides a fast cost-efficient and customer friendly means of production and distribution (Dell, 2009).

Since this market is ever changing, competitors are challenging Dell with new and unique products in effort to overcome the superiority of the Direct Model. The growth and development of the laptop computers is a primary area in which Dell Inc. can work for continued success, despite the threat posed by its competitors. Dell initiates the latest and appropriate technology...