Denmark and a Comparison with the Czech Republic.

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Mr. Chalupský! Considering an appropriate topic for this essay, somehow related to our discussions, up to date and possibly interesting for you, I hope I found one: it is Denmark. Denmark as the member state of the European Union. Denmark compared with the Czech Republic in terms of its position among other EU members. And last but not least, Denmark and its presidency of the EU from July to December 2002. Thus, this essay should neither provide all important facts nor all possible solutions of the problems considered, but only my humble opinions and thoughts.

I chose Denmark for comparison with the Czech Republic, because I see several similarities between these two countries and the reasons for that I will offer immediately. Of course, I should mention the outstanding differences as well.

The source of information I used were materials on different topics called "Factsheet Denmark." and "One Europe. Programme of the Danish Presidency of the EU.

July to December 2002." published by the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2001 and 2002.

Contrary to the Czech Republic, Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and with its 43,094 square kilometres and 5.37m inhabitants (excluding the Faeroe Islands and Greenland) is smaller than our country. On the other hand, other important statistic facts can be compared daringly: The population is almost constant these days. The population density is high - 124 inhabitants per sq. km. The mean life expectancy is 74.3 years for men and 79.0 years for women. The capital, Copenhagen, has 1.08m inhabitants in the metropolitan area. The only official language is Danish, the currency remains still the Danish crone (not the euro!). However, I found two important differences in this statistic overview: 84.7% of the Danes belong to the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church and the gross domestic...