Descriptive essay about the coast

Essay by SmilieA-, September 2004

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The Coast

As I wake up in the morning, I am suddenly staring at a grayish blue tent; through the inside of the tent, I can also see the beautiful, clear sky through the roof. My ears suddenly tune into the ocean waves splashing against the smooth rocks, and the cawing of seagulls as they glide into the salt waters in search for prey.

I finally decide to crawl over to my duffle bag and grab my coat. As I am unzipping the tent quietly as not to startle my family, I am suddenly gazing towards the bright reflection of the sun rising off the ocean. I take a step out of the tent and my feet are suddenly in contact with the cold moist sand. While I wiggle my toes; I can feel the sand squirming through them.

I slowly start to wander off from the tent, smiling and walking onto the beach.

Finally I reach the soft, wet sand and I gaze into the beautiful misty sky and suddenly look up, close my eyes, and take a deep breath while smelling the fresh aroma of the ocean, standing there I can feel the sun blinding me and feel the suns warmth against my arms. The most relaxing place in the world to me is here at the coast; once I come here I never want to leave.