Mother and Daughter Relationship

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M. Muhamad September 27, 2004

English 101

Descriptive Essay (Rough Draft)

Trinh Nugyen

Topic: Mother and Daughter Relationship

By all accounts, mother is a petite woman who is only five feet tall and noweight more than 100lbs, yet she has a heart of gold. She has long dark hair that run down to her hip. In a way, very similar to how my hair is yet even longer. She has many outstanding qualities that I can not list them all to do her justice. She has a broad warm smile that make you feel confortable. People often compared me to my mother yet I sincerely believe she is far more beautiful than I, even now. In my family, my father is the yeller and she would always be the person you run to and hide behind. When she smiles her eyes light up the room and become shaped like creasent upside down moons.

She has a magnetic charming personality that goes with her warm honest smile. My father works as life insurance sale man and sometimes she would go with him on house calls. They say she can charm spots off the floor if she wanted too. She is a remarkable women. As petite as she is, she still was a able to give birth to 8 children and raise us with unlimited energy and love. That how my mother do it I still do not know. A very remarkable women. When my mother was 16 years of age people say boys would line up at her family door but my Grandparents would not hear of it. How my father was able to win her heart I do not know.

I can still recall, on a daily basis my mother would wake up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning before...