Diary of Ramses II An entry into the Diary of Ramses II, the pharoh of Egypt at the time of the exodus.

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I am growing tired of these ridiculous threats. I have experienced 9 plagues, from this "I Am", yet the Israelites are still my slaves. When will they accept the fact that they are worshiping a false god? Do they not realize that Moses is nothing but a lunatic who thinks he is talking with a god? I am waiting for Moses to return, any day now, and threaten me with another one of his plagues. Let him try, these plagues are nothing I have not seen before.

Moses came again, as I expected, and threatened me that this time, if I do not release the slaves, his god will kill the first born son of every Egyptian. I simply laughed at him. How can this god, who can only summon up minor plagues, perform such a task as killing the first born son of every Egyptian? For reasons I cannot understand, it seems that the slaves trust Moses, and believe that their god will save them.

This is what frightens me. If he were to start a revolt, he would have the support of all of the slaves. The damage would be catastrophic. But I must not worry about this now.

Moses came and threatened me again. This time, he had a more serious tone. I am beginning to be concerned. He said that tonight, his god would come and destroy the first born sons. I have been observing the slaves more carefully since the warning, and today they are all sacrificing a lamb and painting the doorways with the blood. Is there a reason for this unusual form of sacrifice? They have also started preparing a most unusual meal. It consists of the lamb from which the blood came, bitter herbs, and a strange, unleavened bread. Why would...