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Wendy Taylor

Human Dynamics CS110-19

September 4, 2003

Carol Forrey

My Stress, My Life

I looked at my stress diary (Stress Diary) and discovered that most of my stress involves other people. I rarely have a situation that involves just me. This makes me think that I am greatly influenced by other people's moods and/or actions. A great example of this would be; my boyfriend was rushing in the morning trying to find his keys. Even though I was in a wonderful mood when I woke up, I seemed very agitated after he left. I just could not get relaxed. This shows me that his frantic attitude had a great effect on me without me even realizing it until much later. I really do not feel that my stress is a direct effect of him as a person but that it is more of a general frustration with the world around me.

The lack of control of other people's actions and moods seems to trigger a great deal of negative stress. In the same effect, I feel that I am a very empathic person. I do not think that this is a negative thing. In my opinion the positive aspects of being able to understand other peoples problems far out ways any negative ones.

I have had a great deal of time trying to deal with my stress. Throughout adolescence, I had no idea how to handle anything without lashing out at anyone. I went through many years of counseling and learned that by doing daily meditation and staying with a routine it helps me remain calm. I do not feel a direct restlessness from changing my routine it is more like grumpiness that other people notice more than I do. This is also, how my stress affects my mood.