Differences and Similarities of Two Majors

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When it is time for a college education, the first task most students need to do is choosing a right major. When I have been to college, I haven't gotten any idea which major I should choose because there are plenty. Among many majors that I have examined carefully, only two majors have interested me. These two majors are in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. They both have differences and similarities in terms of curriculum requirements, degree of difficulties, and technology.

For the curriculum requirements, these two majors require the same courses in general requirements like those in Mathematics, English, and Physics. The students need to finish these courses in order to begin their major required courses which are different from each major. The students who choose Computer Science as their majors will take the courses, such as Assembly, Java, and C Language. On the other hand, the students who choose Electrical Engineering as their majors will take courses in Circuit, Digital Logic and Micro-Current.

Although these two majors have the same courses in general requirements, they will have different degree of difficulties when the students take the major required courses. Usually, the students in Electrical Engineering will have more efforts and time-consuming than those in Computer Science. For example, the instructors of Electrical Engineering will give very hard homework problems that require calculation works which usually take a whole week to finish it. However, the instructors of Computer Science will give easy homework problems like how to make a computer program that plays chess with human for their students that just take a couple of days to finish.

Furthermore, these two majors have the same purposes to bring our technology to a higher level. Computers are now very popularly that every family needs at least one computer...