Middle School Vs High School

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In High School, I have a lot more responsibilities than when I was in middle school. For example, I pretty much have to rely on myself to get my homework done, and turn it in on time. If it wasn't done on time, I wouldn't get any credit for it, where in middle school I could turn my homework in late and either get full credit or they would give us half credit for it. Also, if I miss a day of school, I have to look up my homework myself or go up to the teacher and ask her what we did in class, unlike in middle school where the teachers would go up to me and tell me, "Hey Danielle, you were absent, you need to come and get the homework," and keep reminding me about it until I would finally turn in my make up work.

Also, in middle school, I had to work up to my teacher's trust where in High School you pretty much have their trust, and if you mess up a lot you can loose it.

In Middle School, there where so many rules that I had to follow. We weren't able to chew gum, or have candy, or any thing of that sort in class or else we would get a "lunch detention" where you had to sit in a silent room while the other people would be in the commons, able to talk. Also in the lunch room, if we talked to loud they would go on the microphone and tell us to quite down or else we would have a silent lunch, and a lot of times that happened. Where in High School, I'm able to talk as much as you want in lunch, chew...