The differences between Australia and China families

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When we talk about family, there should be a house where parents and children can live together, with extended family link with grandparents, uncles, aunts and so on. Although the notions of family may be the same, there still are a lot of diversities between different countries' family life. A comparison of family life in Australia and China from governmental, cultural and social aspects will be given in the following essay.

First of all, the biggest difference between the two countries' family life resulted from the national characteristic policies, which lead to the essential difference in family structures. As we all know, Chinese government formulated family planning policy to slow down the population increase, so most Chinese families only have one own child. But in Australia, the government encourage parents to procreate, according to the fertility policy, about $4,133 Baby Bonus will be paid to families following the birth or adoption of a baby.

Usually, the Australian families have two or more children. So from the very beginning, the family members of the two countries are different.

Secondly, the spirits and cultures of the two countries are totally different, these cause the Chineses and the Australians use dissimilar ways to deal with family events. An obvious diversity which can illuminate this is in China it is common that three generations live together(grandparents, parents and children), but in Australia it is hardly to see that. Since the Chinese culture is based on Confucianism, which requires people to show respects to the elderly, leaving the old people live alone will be considered to be unsuitable and condemned by society. While people in Australia are more affected by the "freedom" "independence" spirits, they are more thirsting for privacy space. People dream for a independent house with a big yard which can keep them...