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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period 1 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Hitler were different in many ways. They were both leaders in WWII, Hitler of Germany, and FDR the U.S. Hitler's fight for communism and Roosevelt's for democracy led the countries into a fighting frenzy which lasted years.

Both men are remembered today for their struggle to rebuild the nation.

Roosevelt was more a "peace-maker" then a warrior. He was the 32nd president of the U.S., the country he kept out of the war. The U.S would sit back and watch these countries battle for land and power until FDR realized he needed to help great Britain.

U.S helped by the Lend-Lease Act and the "cash and carry", but they finally entered the war when they realized they could save the World. American soldiers were ready, and needed to defeat Hitler's troops.

The Germans thought of Hitler as a "genius". Hitler was a lot more powerful then FDR.

When Hitler talked, he yelled, he showed his country he cared, and he will make them fight to the end. Roosevelt made many speeches to his people, but the U.S didn't look at him as the Germans did Hitler. Hitler would not give up until he was satisfied, and he wasn't satisfied until he had it all, and the Germans were happy.

Hitler was prejudice. During WWII Hitler eliminated the whole Jewish race in favor of himself. He would not let them take part in the fight for their country.

Discrimination was a factor in the U.S. Black people and women were excluded from many events in the U.S. When it came to war, FDR had everyone fighting, African Americans, Native American, even women, but not Hitler. Hitler exterminated many minorities, Jews, and even the handicapped. Hitler figured the German race needed to be perfect,