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Suceto Saputra These days digital camera is very popular in the computer peripheral market. What is digital Camera? How is it worked? Why it become so popular and what other benefit from it? Those questions will be answered in these articles.

What is digital camera? Digital camera is an advancing technology of taking pictures, which combine the features of good 35-mm camera by using computer technology with the instant gratification Polaroid. The pictures we take by using digital camera can be loaded to the computer and have the image on the in a few minutes.

How it is work? Digital camera works like traditional camera, however instead of using rolls of film; Digital camera has removable memory card to replace the rolls of film. These memory cards save the entire picture we take. Not like rolls of film, memory card can be use over and over, just down load the picture in memory card to the computer and erase the memory IC for another picture memory.

Why is it become so popular? As it mention on the top this advancing technology make the process to get good pictures in relative short time beside that some digital cameras are provided with LCD panel to serve as new finder and display back screen.

Rassmussen college use digital camera for administrative purposes. Digital camera are use for making photo ID picture in just few minutes, It also give a discent result. If the student does not like their photo, the picture can be re-taking with out waste any roll films in traditional camera.

Digital camera also uses to take some picture during the event. Beside that Student who has projected that need camera, digital camera can be. Check out to take some pictures so student doesn't have to spend more money to...