Digital Copiers

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digital copiers were first introduced in around 1999. the digital printer caught on fast even with its heafty price tag of around the 5,000 dollar range and are currently hovering about 10% to 20% above the cost of their analog counter parts. digital copiers mainly get their popularity and apeal from the fact that they last longer and ar generally more dependable. the digital printer has few moving parts almost eliminating the chance of a jam where the analog copiers had many moving parts which would somtimes jam or fail to work all togother. some of th emany features that also atract people to the digital printer over the analog printers is the quality of the copys. because the the copier will actually relay out the print set up each copy is actually its own original print. digital printers also allow you to save the graphics of a previous copy in its memory so that it can be used to print on both sides of a paper.

also digital copiers are capable of being hooked up to a computer and used as the systems printer. the quality of the copys of a digital copier can truelly be seen when copying a picture or a sheet with heavily layered graphics. digital copiers have practically no distortion caused by glossy finishes or papers. and no matter what color the paper that the media is printed on the text comes out crystal clear. so there are many reasons why the digital copier was introduced and why it has taken off as one of the hottest peices of computer equipment today.