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Many groups of people suffer from discrimination today in our society. Everyday, individuals have to tolerate unfair judgment based upon their religious beliefs, race, and social status. Discrimination has been a major problem ever since the first Native Americans had settled in this country hundreds of years ago. Ever since, it has plagued many more cultures that have come here in hopes to call this new land "home." Since all of us are aware of the problems other people face in this world, why can't we make them feel welcome here? First, there is the point that has been stated numerous times before. People who are "stuck in a rut" fail to get out to see what is going on in the world around them. If one never has the opportunity to get out and experience or see certain events going on around the world, the only natural way of acting is to develop a judgmental way of thinking.

Thinking this way seems to be a problem that effects many people across the country. This happens because we are lazy and stuck with old ways. We need to find a way to motivate people, the young and old, to persuade them to get out of the rut they're in and try new things.

A factor that triggers a judgmental mind ties in with a lack of education. Educating our youth about different cultures is crucial in order for them to develop an open mind. Without teaching humanities in our schools, a child will never understand why there are people in this world who look different, or live a different lifestyle than they do. Racial profiling is a great example of the results from misunderstanding and a lack of education. For instance, a group that is being judged all of a sudden is the Muslim people. Ever since the tragic event of September 11th, Americans began to judge Muslims more than before. Many of us began to think just because one Muslim man did something wrong, that makes them all bad. It is a shame that so many of us are beginning to be so stereotypical, which is why we need to find a way to teach everyone to understand. Through all of the stereotyping, we as American people made ourselves look worse than anyone. Who gave us the right to burn down their churches, or attack Muslim people on the streets? We really need to think before we even begin to act, which is why all of the factors listed before are so important.

Through learning, experiencing, and understanding, people will gradually learn to respect other cultures. Increasing the amount of cultured people in our society will significantly reduce the amount of discrimination towards "different" individuals. Once Americans do their part, through educating others and helping them understand about unique people, the country will finally become an well-educated and peaceful place for everyone.