Discuss the two predominant conflicts (the ideas of modern society and the impulses of primitive man.), in the novel "Lord of the Flies"

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In the novel Lord of the Flies there are two predominant conflicts, which include ?the ideas of modern society? and ?the impulses of primitive man.? The conflict is viewed through the protagonist Ralph, antagonist Jack, a series of events, which include the two characters and the eventual resolution for the conflict.

Ralph represented the law and order, which shaped the ideas of modern society. To say he attempted to have and create civilization on the island. Ralph is an illustration of the maturity, morality, practicality and law. Ralph was able to emphasize these characteristics through the use of the conch. Due to this the conch became a symbol of law and order. It brought meaning of law and order and respect to the one who beheld it. Ralph?s meetings always had a goal and purpose. These meetings ranged from discussing about the idea of a beast, to the importance of the fire.

Ralph continuously stressed the necessity a fire for rescue primarily, and for warmth and cooking secondarily. As the novel progressed more and more of Ralph?s actions represented an adult?s viewpoint of civilization. Furthermore he attained an advanced state of intellectual, and respect/understanding for human society. Contrary to this the impulses of primitive man lay within Jack. Jack?s barbaric, dark and controlling nature was expressed by his ideas of fun and games. Due to this his obsession to hunt and his need for control led to death, savagery, destruction and manipulation in others. Ralph?s thoughts and actions reflected his common sense and moral beliefs. Ralph?s maturity resulting from the problems and disagreements on the island showed an adults point of view of sensibility and reason.

As the novel progressed the conflict between Ralph and Jack grew stronger. One of the first examples of conflict that arose dealt...