Distance Learning.

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In this research paper, I am going to explain distance learning, what it is, and advantages and disadvantages. Some primary liabilities will be discussed as well as questions and answers from other students.

Long distance learning is done with computers. Despite initial concerns that distance learning might lower the quality of instruction, studies show that its benefits are clear and demonstrable, and many forms of distance learning are quickly gaining acceptance. There are several reasons for this growth. First, distance learning opens up new opportunities for students that might otherwise be excluded from participating in the learning process. These potential learners include individuals with limited mobility because of handicaps or obligations or those living and working in remote areas where such education has never been available. Second, distance learning allows institutions to educate a larger number of students with relatively few instructors, thus providing a cost-effective method of delivering higher education.

Third, learners have the opportunity to pursue lifelong learning. (P.4 Lau, 2000)

Teaching is a communication process in which a body of knowledge is delivered from instructor to students. One of the major criticisms of distance education is the perception of inferior interaction between professor and students. Although the question of sufficient interaction is just as valid in a traditional classroom setting, the very nature of distance education serves to intensify the problem. This does not have to be the case. There are strategies an instructor can employ to insure the interaction is maintained at a high level. In fact, there is a type of distance learning structure where interaction is even higher than in a traditional classroom. (P.25 Lau, 2000)

Since the purpose of instruction is to promote effective learning, the central focus for normal source of instructional techniques should be on the learner. Effective learning is not...