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Diving, in its purest form is an expression of art. Competitive diving as an organized sport has only a brief history of about 100 years. In 1912, women started to enter Olympic diving competitions. The only equipment that you need is a diving board, pool, and bathing


To be a good diver, you must exercise and eat right. Flexibility,

general exercises, and body conditioning are important ingredients of a total

program. Some exercises you could do are sit-ups, push-ups, hurdle-ups, and

weight lifting.

According to official rules, you may take more, but not less, than three

steps. Make sure you relax and walk normally to the end of the board. Let

your arms fall as though you were walking normal. Then allow both arms to

swing back, bend knees, and then jump in the air and let your body float in

the air with your muscles tight.

When you dive, you probably wonder what will happen when you enter the

water. As you enter the water you have two choices on where to go. These

are called saves. The first is to take it to the bottom. The second is to

go with the flow, which means to continue your spin as you go to the bott


In diving there are four positions, the layout position, and free

position. In the layout there are two ways. One is used for the front or

inward dive. The other is used for the back, or reverse-spinning dive. The

pike is the most attractive position, it is used for the spinning dive. Keep

your head in enough to see over your toes. The tuck is when you bend your

body both at the hips and the knees. The free position is a combination of

two or more of the other diving...