Divorce and children

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The influence that I have on my environment is the growth and development of my children. The sole purpose of life is to love, nurture and protect them. The world revolves around my children. The sun would not shine if they were gone. Every move that I make is to improve and touch their lives. I try to teach my children right from wrong, just as my parents taught me. I have started my education over to help them understand the importance of learning and to provide the necessary funds to pay for theirs. Teaching the children to develop a trust and love for living that will last the rest of their lives. Children are the focal point in many families. I will describe each child, giving details on how I plan to educate and nurture their faults. My daughter is the apple of my eye. Cassie will be three years old, in March.

I look into her eyes and know that there will be a tomorrow. The same eyes that make all the hurt in the world seem to disappear. Cassie is learning early to be an independent person; therefore, being a free will with a temper to accompany it. She received a vanity for Christmas. It has all the normal accessories. Pretending to put makeup on her face, while setting on her little chair, in front of the mirror. Using her toy blow dryer, she dries her hair, wanting perfection for herself. She can be doing an activity, that is not running smoothly; and to her the world is coming to an end. The only thing that I can find to improve on my daughter is to teach her to except disappointment. Cassie needs to learn that life does not always yield what she demands of it. Giving...