Divorce: Effects and Solutions

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Divorce: Effects and Solutions

What is divorce? Is divorce separation from parents, or is it also

divorce from your children? People think divorce is separation between

adults but children play a major role in divorce as well. What happens

to them? How do they overcome it? The reason why people keep

divorcing today is probably because they think its the thing to do, or

maybe because their parents divorced when they were little, and so on

and so on. The struggles between parents and children that still exist

today, must be overcome in order to develop a stronger bond and

relationship between them, as seen in the novel "Independence Day",

by Richard Ford.

The statistics on people who divorce is just tremendous. Each

year, at least one-million children will suffer from their parents divorce.

More over half the children born in Wedlock this year, will see their

parents divorce by their eighteenth birthday.

"Some who divorce think

it will make them happier. But people who are depressed and anxious

often attribute that to a bad marriage. Then they get divorced and

carry it with them." ( Kary, 26 ) Divorce generally reduces

Martinez 2

the income of the child's primary household and seriously diminishes

the potential of every household member to accumulate wealth.

Families that were not poor before the divorce, the income can drop

as much as fifty percent. Divorce is a relevant factor in an abused

child's background. Child abuse is closely related to delinquency and

violent crime. Divorce increases the factors that children will abuse

alcohol and begin using drugs. Divorce also impedes learning by

disturbing productive study patterns, as children are forced to move

between domiciles, by increasing anxiety and depression in both parents

and children.

The effects of divorce are very devastating. Parents don't...