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Dmitri MendeleyevDmitri Mendeleyev, the youngest of fourteen children was born on February 7Th 1834, in Tobolisk Sibena. His parents were Ivan Mendeleyev, the director of a gymnasium and Marya his mother whos family introduced glass and paper making to Sibernia. When Dmitri was young his father died; so his mother had to work to make the money for the family. She managed the glass factory in Aremziansk, making it hard for her to be at home with her children.

Educated at the gymnasium in Tobisk, Dmitri showed strong interest in math and physics. He also was very educated with current science topics and glass blowing from being around the family factory. By age 14 Mendeleyev showed strong scientific promise. Seeing this Mayra wanted him to have a good education.The Mendeleyev family left for Moscow, hoping Dmitri could receive a good education at a University. Nothing good came out of Moscow so they continued on to St. Petersburg in 1855.

Dmitir qualified as a teacher at the Pedagogical Institute. He took an advanced degree course in chemistry.

In 1859, Mendeleyev was sent by the government for further study at the University of Heildelburg. He had contact with Italian chemist Stanisalo Cannizamo. Within this time period and events, Dmitri's mother and sister passed away from tuberculosis.

In 1861, he returned to St. Petersburg to become a professor of general chemistry. Dmitri couldn't find an adequate enough book therefore he produced his own, naming it "Principles of Chemistry". His book won him the international renown (becoming translated in English 1891-1897).

1890, Dmitri Mendeleyev took part in a protest with students which resulted in his dismissal from the university. He took employment as the controller of the bureau for weights and measures.

Before producing his periodic table, the understanding of the chemical elements had been a long and elusive and frustrating task. According to him, the properties of elements as well as those of their compounds are periodic functions of their atomic weights.

Mendeleyev stated in 1869 that " the elements arranged according to the magnitude of atomic weights show a periodic change in properties." Lother Meyer from Germany had also come to the same findings but Dmitri published his findings independently, because he did not want a partnership.