Do Animals Have Rights.

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Do Animals Have Rights

The debate on animal rights has been discussed ever since humans gained the ability to debate and needed animals to eat. But formally the debate has been recorded for over two hundred years, m uch of the initials debate centred on religion. For example, in Genesis God gave man 'dominion over the Earth and the animals to use for mans needs, as in many other religions the Christian God virtually gave humans a 'carte blanche' to use animals as they wanted. The start of real opinion opposing this in the UK began in the nineteenth century at a conference for the BMA (British Medical Association) in Norfolk when one doctor did an experiment to induce fits in dogs the audience was applauded by this treatment of animals and this lead to the setting up of various organizations to protect animals. It also led to the animal act of 1876, which put down specific guidelines for the use of animals in science.

The argument died down with animal rights. People partially appeased by the act until the 1970s when the debate became more public mainly due to the philosophy of Peter Singer who believed that animals should have equal rights to humans.

The support of this view is based of the fact that animals are in fact animals also and so have no right to use other animals causing them pain or suffering. Many people who believe that animals should be used by man counter this argument by saying that either animals are not as well developed as humans and so do not feel pain or suffering or that animals should not have right because they do not think or communicate as humans do.

This is not true, scientific research has shown that animals have...