How do individuals manage stress in the work environment?

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Stress is a fundamental component of being alive. Although we usually associate it with an unpleasant event, any situation, which challenges us, or involves risk, or necessitates change and adjustment in our lives, is potentially stressful. This may be something as wonderful as a new relationship, or moving to a new home, or as threatening as poor grades, interpersonal difficulties or not having enough time to complete course requirements.

Whatever the source of our stress, our brain interprets the situation as threatening and reacts by mobilizing our defense system, resulting in physical and psychological symptoms which we can all recognize from our past experiences. Furthermore, our reactions may not only be unhelpful in the present moment, but over a prolonged period of time poorly handled stress can lead to serious health risks. We may also incorporate coping mechanisms which in the long term become a problem in themselves, such as inappropriate use of alcohol, drugs, food and sleep.

It makes sense to learn to manage stress more effectively for the well being of your self and the people surrounding you.

Stress however despite its many negative side effects still remains an essential part of our lives as a driving force to keep active and motivated. The skill of managing stress at an optimal level for each individual will contribute greatly to overall managerial and organizational effectiveness and performance.


Before discussing the managing strategies of stress we should know what kind of stress does a person go through? There are three kinds Organizational, personal or life stressors.

Organizational stress can be due to lack of time generally resulting form having "too much to do in too little time". Time stressors are a product of the hectic corporate schedules and deadlines that have become a feature of modern society. The...