Do you agree with New York's ban on smoking in bars and restaurants?

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All us non-smokers have had it happen to us, we've sat in a designated non-smoking area of a restaurant when suddenly there is cigarette smoke lingering in our direction. Forcing us to think how this qualifies as the non-smoking section. Well imagine a fine dining experience where smoking is virtually non-existent. It's a hard concept to comprehend, but in California and New York, for example, it's reality. Businesses have concerns that going smoke-free will have a significant impact on sales, but research has stated otherwise. Recent studies have shown that implementing a smoke-free ordinance may possibly boost the overall restaurant or bar sales. Smoking should be allowed with restriction; it should be permitted in designated areas only at the workplace, and not be tolerated at all in the dining/entertainment area of bars and restaurants.

In Helena, Montana a study is being done on a link between the law banning smoking in restaurants and other public establishments and the number of heart attacks in the community.

The doctors say that cleaning up the air in bars and restaurants quickly improves health for everyone. The study started about eight months ago, and it is suggested that there is enough data to show that heart attacks in Helena fell by more than half last summer after voters passed the ban. Many people in the community, especially smokers and business owners, believe that the relation is a mere fluke. However, doctors are still optimistic as they continue the study on greater scales in cities such as New York City.

There are several benefits to a smoke-free restaurant; the most important is that it provides an overall healthier environment for the paying customer, along with the present employees. First of all, there are fewer employee absences due to consistent colds and sinus problems that may...