What does Copyright mean to You?

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I think copyrights are very confusing and few people know just what all the

rules are. I know it is legal to make large size copies of pages in a church

hymnal for those in your congregation ( It states in the copyright that

portions of this book may be copied for congregations), But is it legal to use

those copies in a wedding program that will be used by guests of the

congregation? Or say at a Boy Scout camp fire? If I buy a piece of software, it

contains so much legal STUFF that it is just easier to accept those terms. Can

I put that software on my laptop and my desktop? Or just one at a time? Can I

sell it or give it away? Why can a college student have the opportunity to buy

certain software at a greatly reduced price but not a high school student? What

about music? I know that copying CDs is wrong, but what if I want to put those

songs on my mp3? I already paid for them.

If I can put songs from my CDs on my

mp3 player why can?t I borrow a CD from a friend and put songs from his Cd on

my mp3. If he had a cookout and had music playing I would hear that song. Why

wouldn?t that be illegal? If a band wants to play a cover song they need to get

permission first, but how many of them really do? I believe that copyright

infringement is wrong. But to what extent? I believe that some of our copyright

laws are the result of lawyers desires to get rich. As you can see I have more

questions than answers about copyrights.