Does Economic Liberalisation help or hinder peacemaking?

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Does economic liberalization help or hinder peacemaking?

! Economic liberalization is a term that refers to fewer regulations and government

intervention in an economy, in essence opening up the market to private entities both

foreign and domestic (Chaudhary, 2008). It is heavily linked with the political philosophy's

of Neoliberalism and modern day conservative liberalism (Harvey, 2005). Economic

liberalization includes measures such as privatisation, lower taxes, open markets, freedom

on investment on foreign capital and the more modern idea of globalisation - the process

of international integration,both politically and economically. Many countries now have

economically liberalized economies however there has been great debate as to whether

the liberalizing of an country's economy helps or hinders peacemaking both domestically

and on an international basis. This essay aims to critically evaluates both sides of the

argument and show whether economic liberalization can indeed aid peace.

! Economic liberalization is promoted by not only governments, who's economies can

benefit from investment, but also by the business sector, made up of private multi-national

companies whom themselves benefit from the opening of an economy with opportunities

for high profits and returns on investments. There is however debate about whether

business's are interested in promoting peace, whether they are naturally pro-peace or care

only about their responsibility's to shareholders. One view is that the capitalist order aren't

pro peace, with corporate sectors dependent upon states, not autonomous from them

(Selby, 2008) thus companies rely on the help of the state in bringing their products to

market and are unwilling to contest policy making issues such as international relations

and peacemaking. This can be backed up through the peace process of Israel. Israel's

economy has benefited from a move towards that of a high tech economy since 1997

(Friedman, 1999) including investment totaling over $1.5 billion from computer...