Does Olympic Coverage Improve Consumer's Perceptions? Case Study from University of Western Sydney Questions

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1. What were the consumers pre olympic perceptions of radio station 2UE?

2. Who was 2UE's audience?

3. How was the information for segmenting and profiling 2UE's audience sourced?

3. What were 2UE's aims as an Olympic sponsor?

4.What were 2UE's aims as an Olympic sponsor?

5. Do you think 2UE's sponsorship has altered consumer perceptions of the station?

6. Were 2UE's advertising and promotional efforts effective?

The 2UE radio station has an exceptionally large consumer base with over one third (35.2%) of Eastern Seaboard (Sydney) residents actually tuning-in on station 2UE frequently. The purpose of the surveys and focus group was to comprehend pre Olympic and post Olympic perceptions. By comparing the two areas 2UE can establish whether their Olympic sponsorship improved consumer perceptions, and the elements at fault if there was insignificant improvement.


Via the surveys that were distributed, the pre-Olympic perceptions of the consumers towards the radio station specified that: only 25% of listeners considered the broadcasters were knowledgeable, while 75% deemed otherwise.

A mere 12.5% established that 2UE used influential advertising to market their station, while a large 87.5% of the audience believed otherwise. 20.8% of the listeners thought the programs were interesting, while 79.2% reflected otherwise. Only 29.2% felt the broadcasters were entertaining, and a significant 8.33% felt the broadcasters were honest. These statistics substantiate, the notion of an overall negative consumer perception that was cast towards 2UE, after the 'cash for comments' scandal. This is particularly evident in the honesty impressions exposed by the sample. However, it appears through the surveys that most people did not despise 2UE because of the scandal and seemed to have a cynical attitude towards all media and radio outlets.


The major audiences for 2UE was predominantly mature age (45 - 49 yrs old), and recognised...