How does our society view variant sexual behaviors? How are they portrayed in the media?

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For the most part our society accepts variant sexual behaviors. We as a society are flooded with sexuality, its images and, behaviors. The media floods us with all of this, and I can’t say that our society accepts it, yet, if most people were truly against it; it would change for the better. Sex is everywhere today, you can run from it, and you hide from it; sex is everywhere in the media. This is because sex sells, plain and simple. It is estimated that almost seventy-five percent of all advertisements include sex, or some type of sexual behavior. It works too, that is the problem, and many people buy into it. There isn’t much choice either; most benign and normal everyday items are advertised with sex.

The bad thing is that it will only get worse, if something isn’t done about regulating what goes into advertising, then it will just be a mess.

With the path that our society is on today, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day all of our advertising included some type of sexual theme or behavior. Our society for the most part views these behaviors as normal too; it’s not that we accept them all, yet, that we are numb to them. I think that I can speak for many people when I say that I usually don’t even notice the sexual themes and behaviors that flood advertising. If people were asked how they feel about certain sexual behaviors, such as being promiscuous, etc, they would probably not feel positively about them. Yet, when these behaviors are in the media, it as if we can’t do anything about them, so they become the norm.

Sexual behaviors are portrayed in many ways in the media and through advertising. For example, almost every ad in a magazine for jeans or pants has a half-naked people in the photograph. Commercials for beauty products usually include naked woman. Other clothing commercials sometimes show a two people kissing and take clothes off alluding to the fact that they will end up having sex. It’s not that having sex is wrong or anything like that, yet, it makes it seem as if that is what we as a society are all about. If someone from another place who knew nothing about our society or culture came here; they would most likely presume that our society is based upon sex. In the media it is made to seem like it is okay to have multiple sex partners, and have sex before marriage. These opinions may or may not be okay; however, they represent only a small portion of how people feel, most people feel differently about sexual behavior. One idea of sex and sexual behaviors almost represents us all with the use of the media.

The media definitely teaches us the wrong things about sex. All that is show in the media is that sex is great and fun, and consequence free. Yet, the possible consequences of sex are not often expressed, such as things like STI’s, and the fact that sex usually does lead to pregnancy. The media makes it seem as if everyone is having sex all of the time, and they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant or contracting a disease. Yet, that is the reality of it all, a reality that no one wants to see or hear. It is hard because, we are flooded with only one side of sex, we don’t get the whole story. Many people are well-educated on it, yet, the education doesn’t come from advertisements. In my opinion the media and its advertisements should be regulated a little better, and more facts should be presented to the targeted audience.

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