I don't have it that bad

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I don't have it that bad

My sophomore year of High School I played basketball. One night we were playing against Orland and the game was almost over. We were only a couple points behind. I was trying my best to play the best game I ever played. When I went to go get the ball, I tripped over a teammate and I fell. A sharp pain shot through my knee. That's when everything changed for me. Since that day, I have had two surgeries on my right knee. I had my last one in July so it was pretty recent. Since that incident I look at everything differently. There are so many things that I cannot do right now and it has been this way for about one year and a half. I can't go outside with my friends and play a simple game of basketball or just about any sport.

I have to be careful in places that are slippery because if I slip, there's a chance that I might re injure my knee. When I would go to school I use to be careless about how I walked. I always had people bumping into me and almost making me fall and vice versa. Now I am constantly aware of my surroundings. I make sure that no one is going to trip over my leg and hurt me.

When I'm watching television and I see people playing sports I think to myself, I'm never going to be able to play a sport with out having any problems. I start saying " why did this have to happen to me?" I get so angry that I breakdown and cry. I also ask myself the "What if's?" What if I never would have gone for the ball that night? How...